Why We Do

The science behind our curriculum- Nurturing the spirit of excellence

We believe each child is unique and learns in a different way. It’s our task to meet this challenge.

We believe we need to educate today’s children to face tomorrows challenges, our innovative pedagogy ensure the development of 21st century skills.

We believe learning is vibrant, effective and fun, when children feel safe and secure in the school ecosystem, our child centric approach ensures a positive environment.


We believe that when children are encouraged to think, collaborate and communicate openly we are giving them the tools to become lifelong learners and passionate citizens of the world.

What We Do


The learning culture of MYSCHOOL endorses UNESCOs Four pillars of Education:

  1. Learning to know
  2. Learning to do
  3. Learning to live together
  4. Learning to be  
  • Each and Every program in MYSCHOOL is planned with a clear learning objective
  • The Timetable for each grade is prepared diligently with extreme care to fall into a perfect rhythm of time sharing between classroom practices, indoor, outdoor activities and recess.
  • MYSCHOOL has documented detailed and precise policies for every aspect of teaching and learning: Homework Policy, Presentation Policy, Marking and Feedback Policy, Assessment Policy, Subject Policies, Art Policy, Physical Education Policy etc.
  • All domains of learning are given equal importance and priority.
  • 21st century themes are integrated into subject areas for holistic, relevant learning and to develop a global perspective.
  • Diverse learning methodologies and approaches cater to different types of learners.
  • The Teacher, Student and Parent become collaborative partners in MYSCHOOL learning process.