Genesis of MY SCHOOL

I studied in ‘MY SCHOOL’; Today I am proud of what I am .Thanks to my Alma Mater.

“Every child who had stepped into our premises should be able to reminisce with pride the learning experience which helped to shape their personality as global citizens of tomorrow” says Dr. Mohamed Kasim, the inspiration behind ‘MY SCHOOL’.

‘MY SCHOOL’ is an initiative of Dr. Kutty as a befitting response to the vital and key question facing educators today- ‘How to prepare our children to thrive in a future shaped by globalisation, and technological advancements?’

The idea was to collect best practices and integrate them together into a complete and coherent model of child centric education for the new century. MYS was designed with one common purpose to prepare the child for tomorrow; by fostering excellence in learning and development.

The genesis of ‘MY SCHOOL’ thus took shape in 2015 to provide world class education which is first of its kind in the city of Tirur

The School Logo

“Education, to be complete, must be humane, it must include not only the training of the intellect but refinement of the heart and discipline of the spirit.” – Dr S. Radhakrishnan

The logo is a pictorial representation of ‘Touching the Heart’ symbolising the human aspect of education. This draws inspiration from the simple but ubiquitous gesture of placing a hand over heart to show honesty, honour and appreciation.

The arrangement of dots and lines carries ideas of teaching with the larger dot signifying teacher and the three smaller ones the children. The smaller dots are placed in varying distance from the larger one signifying variety and uniqueness of character.

The lines going through all the dots convey the notion of divinity or goodness running through every human being.

The goal of ‘MY SCHOOL’ is the ultimate well-being of every child which is depicted in the tagline  ‘Shaping a proud future ’.This reflects both promise and commitment and upholds the institution’s core aim in leading children to excellence and nurturing them to become better individuals.