The Three ‘MY Logs’

There are Three Logbooks at MY SCHOOL for every child as important classroom management tools designed with a specific purpose.

  • MY Student Handbook
  • MY SCHOOL Learning Log
  • MY Reading Log
MY Student Handbook

MY Student Handbook

  • MY SCHOOL Handbook is the privileged communication tool between the school and the family
  • The Handbook is designed to enable the student to use it as an effective study organiser by noting down topics learnt daily in class and homework details
  • Direct, meaningful dialogue between teachers and parents through the Student Handbook fosters complete and precise communication regarding the child’s school life
MY SCHOOL Learning Log

MY SCHOOL Learning Log

  • Normally an academic year at school ends with the distribution of a report card of student’s performance, which may be filled with grades, marks or a few comments  
  • MY SCHOOL has conceptualised and designed an interesting Learning Log to capture school memories of the child for posterity
  • This records regularly the child’s ‘wow’ moments both at school and home; to develop a growth mind-set and resilience
  • Achievements and participation in activities and events are recorded which helps to recognise, celebrate and reward individual effort in all areas
  • Minimum learning Objective (MLO) is formulated and documented in the learning log at the beginning of the year
  • The Teacher’s feedback during the weekly Mentor time is also entered in this logbook
  • The progress of the child over the year, not only in academics but also in other areas of child development is thus precisely tracked using the Learning Log
MY Reading Log

MY Reading Log

  • The Reading Time at MY SCHOOL is a scientifically structured programme with specific skill sets,  reading targets and criteria in each reading level
  • Reading Log is maintained to document the child’s reading history, progress and achievement
  • Children find it very satisfying to view the list of books they have completed reading and thus is motivated to read more
  • The information in the Reading Log is used by the teacher for further guidance and support
  • The child gradually learns to develop critical thinking as they begin to write book reviews and independent comments in their Reading Log