TIME TABLE Specialism

The MY SCHOOL timetable is prepared with utmost care to follow a natural rhythm of timesharing across all areas of curriculum; completely adhering to our guiding principles and philosophy.

There are Six Special Time incorporated into the timetable for continuous personal development.

The aim is to provide every child opportunities in day to day classroom situations to become empowered and be a responsible individual who also understands the importance of human interaction and interdependence.

  • Get Set Go Time
  • Rewind Time
  • Choice Time
  • Reading Time
  • Mentor Time
  • Green Time
Get Set Go Time

Get Set Go Time

The first fifteen minutes of MY SCHOOL Time Table is the Get set Go Time

  • During this time the children are engaged in a fun filled, lively and Interactive way through activities, games, dance and music for explicit teaching and learning of social and emotional competencies
  • This EQ starter enables the child to reconnect with their Teacher, Peers and the learning environment at the beginning of each day
  • The ‘Get set Go’ Time helps children to approach their school routine; re-energised and in a ‘state of readiness to learn’
Rewind Time

Rewind Time

The last fifteen minutes of MY SCHOOL Time Table is the Rewind Time

  • During this time children are calmed down to rewind and recollect their day at school
  • They are encouraged to discuss and share with the teacher any happy moments or any relevant academic, social or emotional issues
  • Rewind Time helps to build teacher –student relationship in a gentle, caring, and expert manner to guide children to become individuals of self-worth
Choice Time

Choice Time

Choice Time is a period of 40 minutes duration once in a week for every grade   

  • Children are given a choice of activities; pre-planned and arranged systematically in different learning centres.
  • The activities range from simple puppet making or water and mirror play to building a Spectroscope or Aero modelling
  • Apart from implementing sensory approach to learning, these are opportunities for children to make their own choices, take self- responsibility and complete the chosen project
  • The self-esteem of a child is enhanced when he/she is respected as an individual
  • This helps each child to maximise his/her potential in a comfortable and non-competitive environment
Reading Time

Reading Time

Reading Time is a period of 40 minutes duration once in a week for every    grade

  • ‘Reading Time’ gets children excited about reading and helps to promote a reading culture in the school
  • This is a scientifically structured program to develop reading fluency, proper phonics and comprehension skills in children right from a very early age
  • To turn children into motivated readers, the Reading Time is consistently implemented through high quality resources and personalised instruction and follow-up that is well-differentiated according to student needs
  • This programme ensures the development of age appropriate Reading skills to every child at MY SCHOOL

The reading program is guided, facilitated, assessed and also documented in the Student’s Reading Log

Mentor Time

Mentor Time

Mentor Time is a period of 40 minutes duration once in a week for every grade

  • Timely feedback to the student is a very important aspect of MY SCHOOL Learning Process
  • The class teacher on a ‘one to one’ basis takes time to stop, talk and listen to each child, developing a strong bond of mentorship between them
  • During this time, the child keeps notebooks of all subjects ready for the teacher’s scrutiny. This is followed by discussion of the child’s learning targets
  • The teacher’s feedback during this time is adequately and appropriately documented in the Student’s Learning Log.
  • This provides a better opportunity for the mentor to closely observe, assess, support and guide the child on a regular basis.
Green Time

Green Time

Green Time is of 40 minutes duration once in a week for every grade

  • Green time allows children to touch, feel, play and explore nature around
  • Each child will be allotted a patch of land for gardening or to cultivate their crop
  • Green Time lessons include visit to farms, mud play, sand play, soil study and demonstration of sowing, planting and gardening by experts
  • As the young children sow seeds in their tiny patch of land, they proactively sow seeds of love to become a self-motivated agent of protecting environment and nature in future