Message from the Founder Chairman, Dr.V.K.Kutty

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”
– William Butler Yeats

As a Medical professional, with the advancement of technology and the consequential automation and globalisation, he could see fast paced developments as in any other industry, in Health and Hospice Care

However, the educational practices in our country; especially in the school level remained more or less the same with children heavily burdened with syllabus and examinations.

He believed that education needs an expanded definition that frees it from today’s mark /grade oriented study and acknowledges its role in transforming both individual lives and entire society. Amongst the greatest of services that can be possibly rendered today, is the education of children, building their character and inculcating in their tender hearts love towards mankind along with academic excellence.

Children everywhere are born with natural curiosity and inquisitiveness about the world around them. Our duty is to keep that spark alive and make learning enjoyable and exciting. The child should always remember with pride and happiness those formidable years of school experience. That was the idea of starting My SCHOOL driven by the motto ‘Shaping a proud future’

MY SCHOOL was thus an honest and passionate dream put into reality by a dedicated team of professionals to redefine the education system in our country. The initiative was a humble effort to change the mind-set of the locale and bring in quality education to motivate and guide young children to delve deep into the knowledge resources and learn with passion and excitement. The emphasis has always been on a holistic development of a child’s personality.

Every aspect of MY SCHOOL, from infrastructure to pedagogy was designed and created with the child in mind. Immense opportunities for experiential learning is provided to gain a well balanced approach to the vicissitudes of modern day life without losing the core values of humanity and goodness

He believed that MY SCHOOL will be harbingers of a prodigious future!