Rules And Regulations

  1. Children are required to come to school neatly in the prescribed school uniform only; except on some special days which will be communicated in advance. A student without proper uniform will be asked to return home.
  2. Children must reach school on time. Latecomers will be allowed inside the premises only if they produce a written communication in MY SCHOOL Handbook from the parent stating the reason for late arrival.
  3. Children will not be allowed to leave the school premises without parent concurrence approved in advance through a written communication.
  4. In case the school transport facility is availed, the child is not permitted to change his/her vehicle boarding/drop off points without prior permission from the Transport –in charge.
  5. The payment of school fees is expected to be done in time without which the student will not be allowed to attend classes.
  6. A Late Fee is charged in case of late payment of fees as per rules.
  7. Fees (Tuition /Transport/others) once paid will not be refunded.
  8. No oral communication from the parent through the child will be entertained. Any important communication must be written in My School Handbook.
  9. Children should NOT be sent to school with chocolates, fizzy drinks, or any unhealthy food items.
  10. Exchange of Gifts by children is strictly prohibited.
  11. Children are strictly prohibited to bring mobiles, electronic gadgets, imitation weapons, toys, valuables or any other dangerous articles to school.
  12. The school has laid down procedures and policies to maintain discipline and decorum of the school. The school reserves its right to deal with any objectionable behaviour.  
  13. The school promotes positive parental relationships, however, will not concede to any undue demands of parents that intrude into school decisions and policies.
  14. The school will not take the responsibility to administer medication during class hours without a proper prescription. We request the parent to bring the medication to the school office and not to send through the child.


School Timings

Classes Timings
Classes 1 to 9 8.30 a.m to 2.30 p.m
  • The school works 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday.
  • All students have to be inside the school premises by 8.25 a.m.
  • School office timings 08 a.m to 05:00 p.m. (Second Saturday is a holiday)
  • For any kind of parent communication or concern, teachers are available on weekdays ( Mon – Fri) from 2.45 p.m to 3.45 p.m.