• Assessment is an important and delicate thread woven into the fabric of MY SCHOOL learning process
  • Assessments are taken beyond mere examinations and tests to provide useful information that supports the child’s learning and overall development
  • Diagnostic, Formative and Summative assessments emphasise the development of skills and values, as well as the acquisition of knowledge to enable every child to build greater confidence and develop a stronger desire to learn
  • Parents receive richer and more regular, quality feedback that highlights areas where your child has done well, and also ways to improve learning

Diagnostic Assessment at MY SCHOOL plays a crucial role in identifying areas of strength and weakness of a child, his/her learning styles and also the current level of competency prior to any instruction. This information is then used to set the Minimum Learning objective (MLO) which is documented in the Learning Log. Establishing MLO enables the teacher to plan and generate, clear and focussed success criteria to meet each learner’s unique ability and needs. This will help the child to achieve his/her potential.
Diagnostic Assessment is done at the beginning of the year and also at the end of the year to accurately analyse the progress of the child.

Formative Assessment at MY SCHOOL is to identify areas for improvement in any subject or aspect of learning and provide specific suggestions to improve individual performance. This encompasses information that teachers might gain from conversations with children about their work, classroom interactions, structured activities and projects as well as ongoing marking of class and home work. Students are also actively involved through peer and self-assessment. Day-to-day assessment gives children immediate feedback aimed to close learning gaps.
Formative assessments are done informally many times a year and formally twice a year.

Summative assessments provide a formal recognition of achievement and valuable baseline information for judgments or decisions about the individual for certification, grades or promotion. This is done two times, the first summative assessment during the mid-year and second at the end of the academic year.