Directors Foreword


The foundation for all learning is laid during early childhood. It is a time of transition from home to school when children are nurtured by trained hands to develop the right competencies, values and attitudes that enable them to be well-rounded, confident individuals. This requires a new model of educational experience, one that orients young children to enjoy being engaged and challenged, yet inspired, to go the extra mile and beyond.

‘MY SCHOOL’ will bring to the table a stress free but comprehensive ecosystem that will make this experience a reality. Caring and responsive staff, an integrated curriculum approach through inquiry learning, parents who are valued as active participants and contributors and the realisation that each student is uniquely different are critical elements of this ecosystem.

MY SCHOOL is committed to Getting it Right for Every Child for which we will work tirelessly to support the learners, their families, staff and our wider communities to ensure every child reaches their full potential.

In January 2016 we opened our doors to children for Pre-School, LKG and UKG; and today we stand ready to welcome children till Class 9.

Sherrin Mathew