What are the mandatory documents to be submitted at the time of admission?

  • Photo copy of Birth Certificate.
  • Five passport sized photograph of the learner.
  • Transfer Certificate for learners joining in class 2 and upwards.
  • Report Card on scholastic and other achievements from the previous school for children joining in class 1 upwards.
  • Family Photo

What, if my child falls sick or get injured at school?

The child will be administered First Aid .We have a qualified Nurse at school. The parent will be contacted and advised to collect the child from school. In case of any medical emergency the child will be taken to the Hospital with parental concurrence.

How to take an appointment?

Appointment can be through a written request in The MY SCHOOL handbook or over mail/ telephone to school office.

How often can I see my child’s teacher?

We appreciate the interest taken by parents to know or discuss about their child’s progress or concerns with the teacher. However parent’s undue interference in school decisions or policies will not be entertained.

Teachers are available at school on all weekdays ;( Monday to Friday) from 2.00 to 3.30 pm.

What uniqueness can one find in MY SCHOOL teaching and learning system?

We have incorporated many unique and innovative methods to facilitate optimal learning.

  • The timetable is very special .It includes SIX time blocks with definite purpose (check out Academics -Timetable page in the website)
  • Learning zones to facilitate an inquiry based learning ( check out Academics- Kindergarten page in the website)
  • The Three Record books or MY LOGSwhich are used as efficient management tools for a complete learning and teaching. (Check out Academics – My Three Logs page in the web site)
  • Minimum Learning objective
    A minimum learning objective is set for each child depending on his prior knowledge and abilities .This is done scientifically based on our Diagnostic Assessment.( check out Assessment Page in the website)

What syllabus is followed in MY SCHOOL? Is it an International School?

The school follows an integrated curriculum within the framework of CBSE. Many international methodologies, Class Room management tools and practices are incorporated into daily lessons and activities.