Joining MY SCHOOL– Our Admission Process

Please note that while all the individual steps of the admissions process would need to be completed before an offer for admission is made, completion of one step does not automatically lead on to the next step and the timelines between one step to the other may vary from time to time. It is our intention and effort to make the process smooth and fair.

  • STEP 1
    Pre Registration
  • STEP 2
    Collect the Application Form
  • Step 3
    School Visit
  • Step 4
    Offer Letter
  • Step 5
    Confirmation of Admission
  • Step 6
    Entry Conference
STEP 1 - Pre Registration


The parent may fill in a Pre-registration Form to initiate the admission process. The form can be

1. Downloaded from MYSCHOOL website and submit online.


2. The pre-registration form is available at MY SCHOOL office.

The completed form may be submitted in person or a scanned copy can be mailed to The Admission Officer.

STEP 2 - Collect the Application Form


On receiving the completed Pre-registration form, the Admission Office would contact the parent who is interested in seeking admission to fix a convenient date for appointment at school. The appointment will be only on weekdays between 10 am and 3.30 pm , Monday-Friday.

The appointment is:

1. To collect the Application Form, Fee Schedule and Prospectus.

2. The Application form is charged a nominal fee of Rs.500/-

3. The parent can directly request the same clearly stating the mode of payment.

4. Once we receive a fee of Rs 500/- , the Application Form along with the fee schedule and prospectus would be duly despatched.

STEP 3 - School Visit


On receipt of the completed Application Form the office will intimate the parent by telephone and email, a mutually convenient date for:

1. Visiting the school with child and family for tour around the school environment.

2. Interaction with the Academic Head.

3. Pre Assessment.

  • For Kindergarteners to Grade 1, the Pre-Assessment will be very informal and requires no preparation.
  • From Grade 2 upwards, the Pre-Assessment is in Basic English Comprehension and Mathematical skills both written and oral in a creative format. This diagnostic assessment prior to admission is administered in a very relaxed manner.
STEP 4 - Offer letter


The school will e-mail and/or courier you the offer letter for admission if we are able to offer your child a place.

STEP 5 - Confirmation of Admission

The final step involves meeting with the Class teacher and finalising all official formalities. This will be scheduled within TEN working days from the date of offer letter. You may contact school office in case of failure to receive the appointment date.

The parent at this stage can confirm the enrolment by:

  • Payment of Admission/Tuition Fee as applicable.
  • Finalising and paying fees for auxiliary arrangements like: Transport/Food/Uniform /others.
  • Submission of relevant documents as prescribed in the Application form.

Once admission is confirmed, failure to pay the fees within a stipulated time of 15 days results in cancellation of the child’s admission to MY SCHOOL.

STEP 6 - Entry Conference


The newly admitted child to MY SCHOOL will be given an appointment for entry conference.

Each child is special for us and so is the family. The partnership between the parent and teachers is a very significant requirement towards understanding a child. This meeting with the Academic Team will involve a detailed discussion on the child from birth to date and the family.