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Date: 29/06/2019









The Theme for the month of June-”The story of stars“ was introduced with a big bang in all the classes from LKG to Grade VIII. Kindergarten learnt the names of the planets of our solar system and made constellations with the first letter of their names. Constellations, solar system, star craft, moon stones and many more were explored and activities done in all classes. The Grades 1 to 8 have been learning about the stars this week and have gained in depth knowledge about

  • Solar System
  • Moon
  • Space Travel
  • Constellations

The learners were thrilled with the session with Mr. Gafoor who is also known as NASA Gafoor. He shared his knowledge about the solar system, space and stars. The session was informative as well as exciting for the learners. The learners from Grade 1 to 8 visited the Regional Science Center and Planetarium on 29th June 2019 as part of their Theme Study.