MY SCHOOL Kindergarten

For our Kindergarteners, MY SCHOOL is an extended home where they are happy as they gradually grow together into confident learners. The MY SCHOOL Kindergarten experience is focused on expert nurturing of the child and supporting their developmental milestones.


Our Pedagogy addresses the needs of 21st century learners while retaining the elements of proven elements of good education. They include:
Play Create, Socialise, Discover, Express, Experience, Move, Relate
Teachers are empowered to create authentic cross – disciplinary learning opportunities so that students are able to explore the world and understand perspectives from all angles

Programme Overview

The Kindergarten Curriculum follows theme- based learning where each theme will constitute activities under the seven domains of learning
The medium of instruction is English.
Malayalam as the regional language and Hindi as the national language is introduced in Kindergarten at a beginner’s level. Emphasis is in developing oral and listening skills through songs and short stories.

At the heart of our program there is a focus on high quality relationships with children, parents, and family members that are respectful, trusting and collaborative.